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Bible Marking

bible marking

Mark the path of salvation for use in the jail or New Life programs

Inmates Want Bibles - Originally designed to hold close to 500 inmates, the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility (MADF) quickly reached its housing capacity and an expansion was opened to provide an additional 290 beds. The facility is a medium-to-maximum security facility, housing both pre-trial and sentenced inmates.
The Redwood Gospel Mission has chaplains and volunteers who teach classes and meet one-on-one with inmates each week. Inmates have 24 hours a day to study the Bible and when they get interested in the jail's religious program(s) they can actually wear out a new Bible in a few months. Inmates regard the Bible as a special book even if they are not Christians.

Bibles have a stabilizing influence on any jail or prison population. Dollar for dollar Bibles represent the very best investment you can make for educational material in the jail.

Program Members & Shelter Guests Need Bibles
In both the men's and women's recovery program, Bibles are used daily in Bible study classes and for personal reflection. Shelter Guests, too, are often "curious" about the Bible and what it says. Individuals who are new to God's Word will appreciate having "The Road to Salvation" marked as an easy way to explore God's Word.

Bible Marking Instructions – English
Bible Marking Instructions – Spanish
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