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Some people might be skeptical that a $1.87 meal can change a life, but it really can.

When you are sleeping on the streets, haven’t had a hot meal in days and expect people to glare at you instead of smile, a meal cooked with love and served with compassion is a priceless gift.

Even one meal can demonstrate God’s love, spark hope and help someone like Brandon have the courage to change their life.

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.” –Jesus (John 6:51, NIV)


Just One Meal Can Plant the Seed of Change

Before coming to the Mission, Brandon was hungry frequently — he was homeless and addicted to heroin and meth.


“I wouldn’t eat for days, and I got down to skin and bones and just ribs,” he says. “I rarely ever ate.”


As you can imagine, every day was horrible. But holidays were even worse.


“Christmas and Thanksgiving are just days you spend doing the same thing you always do. It’s endless, you know, chasing the dragon and then never, ever getting anywhere. But they are no good. It’s just another day,” Brandon says.


But when you give meals, you can help make today be more than just “another day” for your poor and needy neighbors. In fact, the holiday meal Brandon received had a long-lasting impact on him.


“It made me remember the times when I was young, when I had Thanksgiving with my family, which was really cool,” he says.

A big part of why that meal reminded him of family was because, as he ate it, Brandon felt cared for. Feeling cared for helped him have the courage to participate in our New Life Recovery Program, where he met Jesus and his entire life was changed!


“It’s the foundation I’m standing on as I move forward in my life,” he shares.


“Anything you give does change people’s lives. . . it changes someone forever. It changes someone’s eternity. There’s no greater blessing than God allowing us to take part in His plan of salvation . . .You may not see it when you’re making a donation, but it really, it does change lives. And I’m an example of that.”

​The meal you give today
could save a life and start a domino effect in our community!


1 Meal = 1 Changed Life!

When you give meals, you know that it will help to change a life like Brandon’s.

And at just $1.87 per meal, anyone can have an enormous impact on the lives of our poor and needy neighbors.

Every meal you give will make a difference!

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Tom Schwedhelm | Former Mayor of Santa Rosa


“The Redwood Gospel Mission continues to add significant value in our community. One of their greatest contributions to those they serve is the offering of hope. Hope for a better life, which is a benefit to all of us.”

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