Easter 2020

Easter Update:

March 31, 2020

The location where we had planned to hold our Easter Feast is no longer available. But we will still be serving a special Easter meal for the men and women in our New Life Program as well as the guests currently sheltering with us. Thank you to those who were ready and willing to partner with us to serve those in need. 



Due to the shelter in place we are not able to have onsite volunteers. We are thankful for our wonderful volunteers who offered to join us for Easter. We look forward to seeing all our volunteers after this crisis is over. 


Blessings Bags: 

Thank you to those who have created blessings bags. We can still use these to bless our guests. Our office is closed to the public currently. Please call 707-578-1830 X 306 to talk with Mariella to arrange a future drop off time or possible porch pick up for the blessing bag(s). 


Place Mats: 

If you have received one of our coloring placemats, please feel free to mail it. We will still be using these at our shelter. 

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