Sonoma County Churches United Relief Fund

The Sonoma County Churches United Relief is a group of more than 40 pastors working collectively to meet the needs of fire victims in the North Bay.


The Sonoma County Churches United Relief Fund is set up under the umbrella of Redwood Gospel Mission to serve those affected by fires. Redwood Gospel Mission has identified more than 500 individuals, schools and churches that have been devastated by Northern California fires. The funds distributed go directly to the victims, and they do not overlap federal relief or other services provided. 

In October 2019, Sonoma County was ravaged by fires once again. Thankfully, no lives were lost, and property loss was less than 10% of the damage caused in the 2017 fires. But for those who have just lost their homes and belongings, it is devastating. 


Your gifts will be stewarded to assist these families with the same care and commitment we have shown for the last two years.