Who Are the Homeless?

9 Guidelines for Interacting with Those Experiencing Homelessness

  • Treat the Homeless With Dignity

    Taking time to talk in a friendly manner helps the homeless avoid being driven into potentially dangerous isolation, depression or paranoia.


  • Share Real Change

    Offer help to someone experiencing homelessness by offering one of our Real Change Certificates. These certificates invite them to a meal and a bed at the Mission and a genuine opportunity to get help. DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE.


  • Understand Who the Homeless Are

    Know that homelessness is a complex issue with many causes. Each homeless person is an individual with unique needs. Most are able and willing to work. They are not the perpetual social problem many believe they are.


  • Share God's Love Wherever You Can

    If Jesus were walking the Earth today, He would doubtless spend time with the homeless speaking with, healing and helping them. Today, Jesus chooses to work through those who follow Him.


  • Pray for the Homeless


    Exposure to the elements, disease, dirt and occasional violence all sap years off a person’s life in a very short time! God can use your prayers and the brutality of the streets to bring many of the broken to Himself.


  • Give Clothing


    Most of us have closets that need cleaning! Used clothing, and especially new socks and underclothing can be donated to shelters. Having something new to wear gives a psychological lift.


  • Volunteer at a Shelter


    Our ministry is possible because of our amazing volunteers—signing people in, serving meals, counseling and so much more.

    Call to get started! (707)578-1830.


  • Volunteer Your Professional Talents 

    No matter what you do for a living, you can help the homeless with your on-the-job talents and skills. The homeless’ needs are bountiful–your time and talents are greatly appreciated.


  • Volunteer Your Hobbies

    Every one of us has something we can share with the homeless. Give demonstrations of what you know how to do, teach classes or even just share your hobby one-on-one with a homeless person to make a difference in someone's life. 


Real Change

We’ve all been panhandled for change before. The next time you meet someone experiencing homelessness, take a minute to talk with them and offer them one of our Real Change Certificates. These slips of paper invite them to a meal, a bed and a genuine opportunity to get the help they really need.


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Volunteer Coordinator

Position Summary: Together with supervisor and other staff, mobilize and equip volunteers throughout all the ministries of Redwood Gospel Mission.

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Position Summary: Provide administrative support to the Partner and Community Ministry team with a variety of tasks including, but not limited to data entry, document creation, publication design, scheduling, writing, filing, and other administrative tasks.

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Industrial Field Agent

Position Summary: Pick up donated items & return to Industry warehouse. Interface with donors and program volunteers. Work with volunteers for unloading. Transport unneeded to various locations. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

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