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Some people might be skeptical that a $1.87 meal can change a life, but it really can.

When you are sleeping on the streets, haven’t had a hot meal in days and expect people to glare at you instead of smile, a meal cooked with love and served with compassion is a priceless gift.

Even one meal can demonstrate God’s love, spark hope and help someone like Kevin have the courage to change their life.

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.” –Jesus (John 6:51, NIV)


Just One Meal Can Plant the Seed of Change

When Kevin first stepped through the door of Redwood Gospel Mission, he’d been homeless for a year. During that time when he ate – if he ate – it was mostly processed food. No vegetables. No fruit.

His body was sluggish. He was depressed most days. The holidays, without food or family, were even worse.

Then Kevin remembered a place where he had been before. A place where he’d gotten a good meal and been able to take a shower. A place where he felt welcomed and safe.

That place was the Redwood Gospel Mission.

Carried by the memory of how eating at the Mission had made him feel, Kevin came back and joined our recovery program.

He’s now clean, off the streets and walking closely with Jesus.  

“I’m just blessed. And I have a wonderful church family and . . . lots of hope towards the future. I just finished school, and I have a new career I'm getting into,” he says.

“I couldn’t be more thankful to these people that donate their time and money and their hearts to help save lives. And to save my life.

“There's no better cause I can think of. By one person getting better and getting saved, think about how many other people that one person can affect. It’s a big domino effect.”

​The Thanksgiving meal you give today could save a life and start a domino effect in our community!




Tom Schwedhelm | Former Mayor of Santa Rosa


“The Redwood Gospel Mission continues to add significant value in our community. One of their greatest contributions to those they serve is the offering of hope. Hope for a better life, which is a benefit to all of us.”

Will you help? The Great Thanksgiving Banquet is back on this year!
Together, we can feed 4,000 of our poor and needy neighbors.

Each $1.87 you give provides one meal.
Every meal can change a life!