Thrift Items

We are unable to process the following list of items due to environmental concerns, expensive landfill costs, our inability to make repairs or our inability to lift the item.

• Any single item over 50 lbs. needs approval
• Air conditioners, water heaters, or water softeners.
• Built-in appliances or any appliance needing repair and/or with rust. NO gas ovens.
• Refrigerators must be clean and plugged in.
• Built-in bookcases/cabinets/appliances.
• Car batteries, used car parts, tires
• Chemicals of any kind, including paint or pesticides.
• Console TVs, console stereos, and TVs 24” wide or larger, projection TVs.
• Large exercise equipment
• Car seats or cribs (safety risk)
• Mattresses, box springs, pillows, pet toys
• Captain’s bed, platform bed, roll-away bed, bunk beds
• Item that is worn, discolored, has stains, odors, tears, animal hair, scratches, rust, grease, weak springs or any structural damage which require repair
• Glass top tables/no SINGLE chairs
• NO Large desks, roll-top, computer desks or entertainment center wall units.
• Sinks or toilets, Pre-installed items, fluorescent bulbs
• Wall-to-wall carpet, padding, foam
• Window blinds, draperies, or rods.
• Cassette tapes, VHS tapes, records, magazines, encyclopedias, textbooks. NO printers.
• Other: disassembled or particle board furniture, incomplete items.
• Large holiday items “in season” only
• Christmas items, including Christmas trees (IN BOX) Accepted Oct-Jan

If you have any questions or are in need of special pick-up arrangements for heavier items please contact Carol at: