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A $1.79 MEAL

Some people might be skeptical to hear that a single meal can help change a life. They think it’s too simplistic. Too good to be true. 


But it’s not. 


It’s not because nothing is insignificant in God’s hands. Here at the Mission, we believe that He is in everything. And we've seen Him use meals to give people hope and the courage to change. 


That means every single meal you give can be the beginning of healing and transformation – and a whole new life.


What better way to end the year then give people the chance to experience new life? 


In addition to feeding people, the Mission also uses gifts from friends like you to provide shelter and offer recovery programs. It’s not uncommon for people to come to our doors first for a meal, begin building relationships and then decide to join our New Life Recovery Program, which helps people like Chris experience long-term transformation. 


Chris remembers going to class high when he was in 5th grade -- 5th grade! 


Five short years later, before he even graduated from high school, he was doing meth. That continued for the next 26 years until he came to the Mission, received the essential care he needed and met Jesus. 


“I really encountered God in a big way,” Chris says. “Without the Mission, I have no doubt I’d be either incarcerated or dead. I was deep into Oxycontins, and those are just like heroin. In fact, the person that used to sell them to me died while I was at the Mission.” 


God does amazing things here, and He does it though friends like you. Chris is proof. He’s been sober for almost 11 years now. He has a relationship with his kids, a steady job, his own place to live, serves on the worship team at his church and volunteers at the Mission.  


It’s a life he never could have imagined 25 years ago, and he loves it. 


Other people need the chance Chris got. Right now, before 2019 ends, you can offer it to them! 

“I am thankful for the presence of Redwood Gospel Mission in our community. They provide needed aid and hope to men, women and children who often have nowhere else to turn.” 


- Chris Coursey, Former Mayor of

Santa Rosa


We believe that there is power in feeding people in need. Will you help share God’s love and change lives by providing meals? Each $1.79 feeds one person!  Each $1.79 you provide before the end of 2019 can open the door to a changed life in the new year! 

Our amazing team of volunteers and generous friends like you provide the meals that nourish the body and the spirit. Thank you!